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AVA - Advocacy for Victims of Abuse (cont.)

Training for the facilitators

Our Leaders for this event are Meagan Gillan (left) and  Yvonne DeVaughn (right). They are Directors of Advocacy for Victims of Abuse, present and past. Backgrounds in training those needing care after domestic abuse and sexual assault, and have been assisting pastors, and training and helping others in healing. They have many years of experience.


Come join us, as we learn how to help the victims, support,

 and stop this cycle of Domestic abuse.

 Let Hawai’i  Island make a difference.  Start with understanding what the Bible says and how we as believers can help each other.  What an opportunity, to learn the biblically principles that guide us in this problem in our society.  Start a support group in your  community or your church.

To be held in the Multipurpose/Youth Building in the very back.


Puna Covenant Church

16-647 Old Volcano Road

Kea’au Hawai’I 9674



All are welcome to join us for this special training. Do come, bring a friend and with share others.

Coffee, snacks, and sandwiches makings to your taste.

Donations of snacks  are always welcome.

Please email your name and phone if you wish to attend.

   Nancy Knight  at


 Patricia L. Walters PhD. at 

Earlier Event: March 17
Worship Services: 8:30 & 10:15
Later Event: March 22
Core Youth @ Puna Covenant Church