Our Impact

How do you measure the impact that one person, one organization or one family makes in another person’s life? Is there a dollar amount, a wealth indicator, or maybe the number of friends we have? Friends are important. Friends are so valuable to God that Jesus was sent into our world so that people can become friends of God. Listen to what Jesus says about people who know Him in this quote from John 15.15 "I no longer call you slaves, because a master doesn't confide in his slaves. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me." - NLT

Our impact, as a church, is directly related to how many people in Puna and the rest of our world are called by Him as friend or sister or brother. We love being friends, being family, making new friends and living like Jesus to everyone in our classrooms, workplaces, sports’ clubs and families. Our passion for people is how and why we impact our community. Our programs and our community projects are founded upon our desire to see everyone become part of God's family.



Community organizations that Puna covenant helps

Money is a means to support people in our community who need assistance on a regular basis or when an emergency happens.  We take great joy in helping those in need. Puna Covenant also helps out other organizations care for the hurting and those who need assistance.



Years Serving people in the Puna communities

Families and leaders have been raised and supported for over 106 years at Puna Covenant Church. There are also opportunities to serve, but the people who attend Puna Covenant have been called the light of the world.



children Impacted yearly through Our children and youth ministries

Children and youth are two areas that we intentional want to impact in Puna. It is such a critical time of life to surround keiki and opio with guidance, love, and encouragement.


There are many ministries, services, and events that take place in the life of Puna Covenant Church. Baptism is a very important part of a follower of Jesus Christ. Jesus told the first disciples to become fishers of humanity.  In particular, to make other disciples by baptising them in the name of the Father (God), the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit.

In December 2017, two of our Core Youth made their decision to walk in the same steps Jesus Christ did when He started His earthly ministry. This spiritual act of obedience is also a very loving expression to follow Jesus. The Ohana at Puna Covenant Church celebrates Phoebe and Clara's commitment to Jesus. Praise God.



Clara, Kaitlin, and Phoebe celebrating

Phoebe and her family enjoying the Baptism

Matthew Brown getting ready to serve the BBQ'd meats at our Batptism.

Some of the Core Youth at our Beach Service, Reeds Bay, Hilo.

Friends and Family at the December 3rd, 2017 Core Youth Baptism

Friends and Family at the December 3rd, 2017 Core Youth Baptism


Loving each other is part of the great commandment that Jesus states in Luke 10.27. Join us as we spur each other on to love each other and love our neighbors and neighborhoods as Jesus loves us.


Youth & Childrens' Ministries

We warmly welcome your family to our Children's Ministry. Every Sunday we provide a staffed nursery for children ages birth to 3 during both services (8:30 & 10:15). We have Sunday School and Children's Choir beginning at 8:30. We currently have three Sunday School classes for ages 4-5, 1st-3rd grade and 4th-6th grade. We have excellent, caring, creative teachers and volunteers ready to open God's Word and share His life-changing love and lessons with your children.

We have an annual Family Harvest Day in October, an Easter Egg Hunt in April and our children are active participants in Worship Services throughout the year as the Children's Choir brings messages of hope and light to the congregation.

 In June we have Creative Arts Outreachwhich is a week filled with active learning various creative arts, Bible teaching, games, singing and lots of opportunities for fun and friendship.  We have Children's Church during the summer months in a good old-fashioned  "all ages together" setting. This is a very "hands on" time and members of our congregation often visit and share their unique giftings.

Come check us out. We earnestly seek to "Grow and Nuture Families of Faith."

Summer Fun!


Family Harvest Day

The Core Youth

The Core Youth

Generational Ministries

Our Youth Ministry  hosts a Sunday School every Sunday of the year at 8.30 am in the multi-purpose facility in the back of our Kea'au Campus. The Core Youth also meets on Friday at 7 to 8.30 pm at the multi-purpose facility (MPF). Puna Covenant Church also hosts the Kea'au Young Life Club that is overseen by Young Life Hawaii Island every Tuesday evening at 7.17 pm.

Career Age & Young Adults

Every Sunday our Career Age & Young Adults host a Bible Study and fellowship at 8.30 am in the multi-purpose facility.


College, Career & Young Adults

Join us every Sunday for Bible Study and Fellowship at 8.30 am.

Young Life, Keaau Club

Young Life, Keaau Club

John and Lori Hu  oversee our  Adult  & Family Ministry

John and Lori Hu oversee our Adult  & Family Ministry

John and Lori Hu pastor our Adult Ministry and oversee our Bible Studies throughout the week. Every Sunday morning at 8.30 and 10.15 am there is an adult Bible Study in the MPF at the back of the Kea'au Campus in the multi-purpose building.