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Church is fun! It is more than eggs, hunting for chocolate, carols, music, parties, bunnies or a good-time. The church is people and relationships between people and God. The church exists because Jesus wanted it so, to give people life. The main player and driving force about the world-wide church is Jesus, the Messiah. 


We can explain it another way, too.


Main Actor, Born - 3 AD, Death - 33 ad







Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ was murdered on a cross nearly two thousands years ago. On the third day after that crucifixion, He came out of the tomb He had been buried in. He was totally alive. Over the next 40 days Jesus appeared to His family, friends, and other people all over Israel. He ate with them, talked with them about what His resurrection meant for people. After all of these thousands of people witnessed Him ascending into heaven on that 40th day. 

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem, Israel. There are many festivals and celebrations besides Christmas that help us focus on Jesus and His work. Pentecost celebrates the Easter celebrates Jesus' resurrection from the tomb. Easter celebrates that death no longer has power over people, because Jesus is more powerful than death. Jesus gives victory over death to the people who follow Him and believe that He is the Son of God. Easter is the most important holiday for the follower of Jesus because Jesus broke the power of sin -- death. Death had ruled over mankind for centuries, but because of Jesus rising to life on the third day after He had died on the cross, He showed us His complete authority over everything. In fact, Jesus told everyone in the Gospel of John chapter 6.36 this amazing reality "Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life. Whoever rejects the Son will not see life. Instead, the wrath of God remains on him."

Pentecost is another festival, and is the first time in recorded history that the Holy Spirit of God came upon numerous people. This was the very beginning of the church. With Spirit empowering people, the purpose of the church became evident. To declare and celebrate Jesus and His authority over everything, especially death and sin. Pentecost, Christmas, Easter eggs, bunnies, games, family gatherings are all valuable to help remind of what Jesus has given to us. But the best thing that Jesus has done for humanity is to give us eternal life for all who believe in Him. This is something that the Holy Spirit directs into the heart of people. He does not force belief into people, but He prompts us to respond to His gentle calling to our heart, mind and soul. People who respond to the director's call, are called by Jesus to be born-again. Actually, re-born by the Spirit.

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Our Impact

How do you measure the impact that one or one organization or family person makes in other people's lives? Is there a dollar amount, a wealth indicator, or maybe the number of friends in our lives. Friends are important. Friends are so valuable to God that Jesus was sent into our world so that people can become friends of God. Listen to what Jesus says about people who know Him in this quote from John 15.15 "I no longer call you slaves, because a master doesn't confide in his slaves. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me." - NLT

Our impact, as a church, is directly related to how many people in Puna and the rest of our world are called by Him as friend or sister or brother. We love being friends, being family, making new friends and living like Jesus to everyone in our classrooms, workplaces, sports clubs and families. Our passion for people is how we impact our community. Our programs and our community projects are founded upon our desire to see everyone become part of God's family.



Community organizations that Puna covenant helps

Money is a means to support people in our community who need assistance on a regular basis or when an emergency happens.  We take great joy in helping those in need. Puna Covenant also helps out other organizations care for the hurting and who need assistance.



Years Serving people in the Puna communities

Families and leaders have been raised and supported for over 106 years at Puna Covenant Church. There are also opportunities to serve, but the people who attend Puna Covenant have been called the light of the world.



children Impacted yearly through Our children and youth ministries

Children and youth are two areas that we intentional want to impact in Puna. It is such a critical time of life to surround keiki and opio with guidance, love, and encouragement.


PCC Programs

Our Programs are relationship driven. Without making friends and building relationships nothing really changes.  God so loved the world that He sent Jesus to redeem the world.  He initiated relationship with humanity.  That is our number one job.  That is our program.


Infants and children and parents

Life starts out with us not doing much to do it on our own. So, we like to support the growth of infants and children by having services and ministries directed to them and for the support of parents. Parenting probably does not really end until our children give birth to their children. So, parents are the key foundation to good and strong families and a thriving community.

Music and Food

We love music and love singing. Our church has many groups that exist to enjoy songs. Food and music go together for our family and church gatherings. We love the spontenaity of music but we want to ensure that we have time to sing and share songs of love, faith and Jesus. Food makes those times thrive.

Youth and Young Adults

The body of Jesus is called the Church. By the time we hit our adolescent years, we have a good idea of life. However, our brain and our body does not stop changing until well into our mid-20s. So, we design groups and activities to support and encourage youth and young adults work through their life.


Our kupuna are valuable to us. They care for us, the encourage us, and we love every Kupuna. Our community, our families, and our life would not  exist without Oma or Opa, Grandma or Grandpa. So, we celebrate them with monthly lunches, they celebrate us with make ono-kine-grinds for Core Youth, Young Life, family fun nights, and Sunday church.